DentalVibe injection comfort system is designed to alleviate intraoral injection pain. This handheld device delivers soothing, pulsated, percussive micro-oscillations to the site where an injection is being administered. Its proprietary VibraPulse technology gently stimulates the sensory receptors at the injection site, effectively closing the neural pain gate, blocking the pain of injections. This enables us to give comfortable injections faster and provide a more profound anesthetic effect.

Digital X-rays administer less radiation and give us immediate images of your teeth. With this technology, we can send the image to insurance companies and other doctors if necessary. We also have a panoramic X-ray machine that allows us to see pathology and whether your wisdom teeth are ready. We have a large screen TV in the consultation room to view your X-rays and pictures.

Intraoral cameras allow us to monitor our treatments as well, as give you the opportunity to see what we see when we examine your mouth. In addition, the small intraoral cameras have the ability to save pictures of your mouth so we can show them to other dentists, doctors, or insurance agencies, if necessary.

Knee and Neck Pillows are used to help support your back and neck; we provide these pillows for extra comfort. Warm towels are offered after appointments as well.

Continuing Education allows Dr. Harmon and his dental team to stay updated on the newest technology in dentistry. We strive to complete double the recommended requirement so that we can continue to offer the latest technology, giving you the longest lasting treatment.

Our caring dentist, Dr. Harmon, and his team are committed to providing you with a positive, enjoyable dental experience at our office. Please feel free to call us at Harmon Dental to learn more about our dental technology in Centennial, Colorado!