Dental Fillings in Centennial, CO

A composite filling, also known as a white filling or tooth-colored filling, can repair a tooth that has a minor fracture, crack, or cavity. The composite material that Dr. Harmon uses to create a filling is tooth colored and can be made to closely match the color of your existing teeth. In addition to matching the natural shade of your teeth, composite resin can strengthen the natural tooth structure by bonding with it. This helps to prevent further decay and damage in the future. Unlike amalgam/silver fillings, white fillings contain no mercury or other potentially harmful materials. White fillings in Centennial, Colorado are an excellent choice for aesthetically and effectively repairing a tooth that has suffered from minor damage or decay.

Dr. Harmon, our talented dentist, can place your composite filling in just one appointment. During this visit, he will remove the tooth decay and clean the tooth. He will then fill the tooth with composite resin to restore the tooth’s function, health, and appearance. We will ensure that your visit is comfortable and positive. To learn more about composite dental materials and your options for a healthy, beautiful smile, we welcome you to call or visit us at Harmon Dental today.