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It stinks when teeth break. You could be enjoying a salad when all of a sudden you feel a crack and notice that a piece of tooth is missing. You are having no pain but are concerned about what to do next. You call your dentist to have it looked at. Your dentist looks at it and tells you it needs a crown. You’ve had a crown before. You remember the messy impression that gagged you, the temporary crown you have to wear while the lab makes your permanent crown. Having to come back in 10 days later for another crown appointment. If you could skip the messy impression, temporary crown and having to schedule another crown appointment would you?

I am excited to tell you that with Cerec technology  I can offer you a crown the same day. You can avoid the messy impression, temporary crown and the second appointemnt. This new technology allows me to take pictures of the damaged tooth, design a custom porcelain crown and fabricate it all in the office. With todays porcelain I can create a strong esthetic crown that will last several years. I have completed years of training and made over a thousand Cerec restorations and love the results. Patients have told me that they love the convienence of one day crowns and they love the  look.

I would love to help you! If you have more questions about how you can benifit from a Cerec Crown call us today!

The case below is commonly seen. The tooth broke the day before and we were able to get her in and fix the tooth the same day. We restored the tooth before the nerve died avoiding a rootcanal.

looking down the side you can see the broken tooth and the silver filling

Final restoration with a Cerec Porcelain crown.

Broken tooth with large silver filling

All porcelain Crown Final

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